Dialog Agreement 2 Orang Singkat Beserta Artinya: A Guide to Mastering Formal Conversations

Formal conversations require a certain level of knowledge and skill to ensure that the dialogue flows smoothly without any misunderstandings. One essential aspect of formal conversation is understanding dialog agreement, which refers to the process of both parties in a conversation acknowledging and accepting each other`s points.

In this article, we`ll provide you with two examples of dialog agreement in a formal setting, along with their translations in English.

Dialog Agreement Example 1:

Person A: “Saya perlu mengajukan permohonan izin pada hari Selasa besok, apakah itu akan menyebabkan masalah bagi Anda?”

Person B: “Tentu tidak, tolong ajukan permohonan Anda pada hari Selasa.”


Person A: “I need to request permission to take a day off on Tuesday, will this be a problem for you?”

Person B: “Of course not, please submit your request on Tuesday.”

In this example, Person A expresses a request, and Person B responds with acceptance by giving permission for the request to be made. Person B`s response shows that they have understood the request and have no objections to it.

Dialog Agreement Example 2:

Person A: “Kami sangat berterima kasih atas kerja keras Anda dalam menyelesaikan proyek ini tepat waktu.”

Person B: “Terima kasih, tetapi tanpa dukungan tim, saya tidak bisa menyelesaikannya dengan baik.”


Person A: “We sincerely thank you for your hard work in completing this project on time.”

Person B: “Thank you, but without the support of the team, I couldn`t have done it well.”

In this example, Person A compliments Person B for their efforts, and Person B responds by accepting the praise but also acknowledging the support of other team members. This dialog agreement shows that both parties recognize each other`s contributions to the project`s success.

In conclusion, mastering dialog agreement is crucial in formal conversations to ensure effective communication and avoid misunderstandings. By understanding how to accept and acknowledge other people`s points, you can build rapport and respect with your conversation partner. Remember, dialog agreement is not only about saying yes or no; it`s about demonstrating understanding and appreciation for the other person`s perspective.